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This $400 photography master class is just $29 right now

Learn how to become a professional photographer with this in-depth training course, now over 90 percent off.

Becoming a professional photographer involves more than just picking up a DLSR. Whether you're interested in nature photography, fashion photography, or just taking really pretty photos of your lunch, you'll need to do one thing if you want to be taken seriously as a pro: ditch your camera's automatic setting.

While undeniably convenient, shooting in automatic effectively locks out your camera's more advanced settings—the very ones professionals use to get the shots that sustain their livelihood. If you're ready to make the switch, the Photography Diploma Master Class can show you how, and it's on sale for over 90 percent off today.

Delivered over the course of four weeks, this master class teaches you the essentials of manual photography with three hours of coursework each week. You'll dive into the relationship between shutter and aperture in manual mode, and how using them properly can help you take your photography to the next level.

For those who haven't purchased their camera yet, this master class will also take you through the various types of cameras currently available and why you would use one over the other. You'll study common functions that appear on most cameras and explore the most frequently used lenses, as well as when and where they are used.

In addition to techniques and hardware, this master class also covers some image editing software and the key differences between popular ones, giving you a well-rounded look at all the tools you'll need to make it on your own as a pro.

What's more, the Photography Diploma Master Class is CPD-certified, meaning you'll come out of this program with industry-approved knowledge, as well as a certificate of completion to validate your skills.

The Photography Diploma Master Class was on sale for $99, but you can get it today for an even lower price of $29, saving more than 90 percent off its usual $395 price.

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