Niantic is turning ‘Pokémon Go’ into an AR photo machine

Pose for pictures with your own Pokémon whenever you like.

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Kris Holt
February 12, 2019 10:15 AM

The augmented reality photo mode in Pokémon Go will soon offer a better way for you to take pictures of your Pokémon. While you've already been able to take photos of Pokémon you see in the wild using the AR+ mode, the Go Snapshot update will allow you to pose and interact with Pokémon you've already captured.

To activate Go Snapshot, you can open the camera or navigate to a specific Pokémon in your bag. Once you've picked the perfect spot and the Pokémon you want to take photos of/with, you tap the screen to toss their Poké Ball to that place. You'll then be able to move around the life-size Pokémon to find the best angles for your photos and even get it to turn around by brushing it to get its attention.

With Pokémon Go facing intense competition from other mobile games (in particular, Fortnite), not to mention the myriad other apps vying for our attention, adding fun updates such as Go Snapshot could help Niantic keep people coming back. Niantic says Go Snapshot will be available soon.

Pokemon Go Snapshot mode

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Niantic is turning ‘Pokémon Go’ into an AR photo machine