Google Maps adds a city-themed 'Snake' game

It's not just a short-lived April Fools gag, either.

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Google has a habit of introducing goodies on April Fools that last long after the gags are over, and that isn't changing for 2019. The company has added a Snake game to Google Maps that lets you play the classic title themed around major cities. You'll play as an ever-growing double decker bus snapping up passengers in London, for example, while you'll play as a cable car in San Francisco or a commuter train in Tokyo. You can also choose a "world" map if you'd rather gobble things up on a planetary scale.

Snake will only be available through the menu in Google Maps' Android and iOS apps for "about a week." You won't have to go without it after that, thankfully. Google has also created a dedicated website that will offer the game on desktop and mobile well after the novelty wears off. Think of this more as a long-lasting treat that just happened to launch at the start of April.

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