You can finally buy the first 1TB microSD card

If you have $450 to spare for SanDisk's model, that is.

Have you been salivating at the thought of stuffing a 1TB microSD card into your phone? You can finally act on that impulse. SanDisk has made the record-setting Extreme card available both through its own store and (when it's in stock) through Amazon, giving you a cavernous amount of space for your phone's media collection. It's a U3-rated card, too, so it shouldn't have trouble keeping up with your 4K video recordings.

As you may have seen at the February unveiling, though, there's a catch: the price. The 1TB card will currently set you back $450 (£454 on Amazon UK), or more than twice as much as the $200 for the 512GB card. That's a lot to pay for a card you could easily lose in the wash, and economies of scale are almost certainly going to drive the price down if you wait a while. Still, this is your best bet if you think that a 1TB Galaxy S10+ doesn't have nearly enough room.