Netflix plans to raise prices in the UK by up to 20 percent

The change follows a price increase for US viewers.

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Future Publishing via Getty Images
Future Publishing via Getty Images

Netflix is raising prices in the United Kingdom for the first time since 2017, according to The Guardian. The streaming service will bump up monthly fees for subscribers by as much as 20 percent. The cost of the company's HD streaming plan will increase by £1 to £8.99, while the premium subscription that supports 4K video and additional simultaneous streams will increase by £2 to £11.99. The basic, standard definition service is the only plan that won't see a price spike, remaining at £5.99.

Netflix's new prices will go into effect immediately for new customers, so anyone just signing up for the service will pay the inflated prices from the get-go. The more than 10 million existing subscribers in the UK will see the price of the subscription plan change over the coming weeks, meaning it will likely be applied to their next billing cycle.

Price hikes have just become part of the Netflix experience at this point as the company looks to continue generating money to produce more originals and compete with upcoming competitors like Disney+. Subscribers in the United States were subjected to a similar increase earlier this year that brought the HD plan to $9 per month and UHD streams to $16 per month.

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