Google Search won't show more than two top results from the same site

The company promises to diversify its results page.

Google is rolling out a Search update aimed at giving you more options to choose from in the results page. The tech giant says the update is designed to deliver more site diversity, and that means you now usually won't get more than two top results from the same website anymore. Google could still return more than two listings from the same website if its algorithms determine that they're highly relevant for a particular search, but it sounds like you can expect a more diverse results page than before overall.

Since the new feature is domain-based, it will treat subdomains and their root domains as part of a single website. Google will still only show two top results from them and will only treat them as separate websites if it finds more than a couple of highly relevant pages. As people pointed out on Twitter, it doesn't always work yet -- Google still returns a bit too many listings from a single domain at times. Danny Sullivan, Google's public Search liaison, said the company will keep working to improve it over time.