Snapchat may add a dedicated news tab

You wouldn't have to wade through entertainment to get the day's news.

Snap's efforts to bring news to Snapchat haven't gone so well. You've had to plow through entertainment and other material just to find news, and that's when creators aren't backing out. The social app creator might be willing to give things another go, however. The Information sources say Snap is in "early talks" with publishers to have them fuel a dedicated news tab in Discover. The exact partners and mechanics aren't available at this stage, but Snap reportedly wants the tab to go live in 2020.

Snap has declined to comment.

The company hasn't been shy about wanting to revamp Discover. Even chief exec Evan Spiegel told investors in a recent earnings call that the current approach is like going into a "supermarket without the aisles labeled." You may see serious news from outlets like the Washington Post sitting next to fluffy celebrity gossip. A dedicated section would not only make it easier to find news in Snapchat, but might reel in publishers who were skittish about participating before.

Snap could use the extra support. While it appears to be returning to growth (including Discover), it's still losing money and pales in size compared to Instagram. An appealing news tab might keep more people using Snapchat and attract newcomers who want some information alongside their friends' 3D-enhanced selfies.

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