Roku’s best streaming player is $30 off today

The Roku Ultra is down from $100 to $70.
Marc DeAngelis
M. DeAngelis|10.28.19

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Roku’s best streaming player is $30 off today

Roku really wants you to buy its streaming devices. Last week, the 4K Streaming Stick+ got a permanent price drop to $50, and today, the Roku Ultra is down from $100 to $70 on Amazon. While the device is a bit larger than Roku's other options -- the Ultra is a small set-top box rather than Roku's typical HDMI stick format -- streamers with 4K- or HDR-capable TVs may want to take advantage of the low price.

There are a few features that make the Ultra an appealing choice over Roku's lower-tier offerings. The biggest advantage is the device's ethernet port. A wired connection helps avoid bottlenecks -- especially with high-bandwidth media like HDR footage -- making it less likely that your video will get bumped down to a lower resolution.

The remote is another differentiating feature; its headphone jack lets you silently watch TV and keep your roommates or spouse happy while you watch Dance Moms. The Ultra comes with a pair of JBL earbuds, but the remote is compatible with any headphones with a 3.5mm jack.The Ultra also has USB and microSD ports, so you can transfer your own content from a computer and watch it on the big screen.

The Ultra isn't cheap in comparison to other streaming devices; Roku's Streaming Stick+ is $50 and the Express is only $30 (it's also on sale today for $24 at Amazon). But with its comprehensive features, the discounted $70 price is a tempting deal.

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