'Twin Peaks VR' trailer offers a dive into David Lynch's mind

It is happening again.

If you suspected that Twin Peaks VR would be a head trip, you guessed correctly. Collider and Showtime have released a trailer for the series' official virtual reality experience ahead of its debut later in December, and it feels like a mirror of David Lynch's psyche with the same strangeness as the series. The return to the Red Room is really just one part of your journey -- you'll also return to the train car where Laura Palmer was killed, a log cabin (but whose?) and Sheriff Truman's office, complete with an unsettling Killer BOB orb. It's clear this is tailor-made for the sort of fan who could quote whole scenes verbatim.

As mentioned before, you'll need a PC, Steam and an HTC- or Oculus-made headset. Versions for the Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR are due in the future, though, in case you'd prefer to experience Lynchian oddities in your living room.

Don't expect this to be a full-fledged game. You can find Easter eggs and "discover hidden secrets," but this is more of a guided tour through iconic places in the Twin Peaks universe than anything else. That might be more than enough if you're a devotee, though, and it's just a question of whether or not the full title can come close to replicating the atmosphere of the show.