Samsung's next foldable phone could be this RAZR-like clamshell

The new RAZR's brother from another mother.

Shortly before Motorola revived the RAZR, Samsung made it loud and clear that it was also working on a clamshell foldable phone, so it's no surprise that a prototype would eventually show up in China. Earlier today, Weibo user Wang Ben Hong shared five photos of what he claims to be Samsung's latest foldable prototype -- one that appears to be half the size of the Galaxy Fold.

There's no word on internal specs, but we can see the punch-hole camera right below the earpiece, and the lack of chin allows the unfolded screen to extend all the way to the bottom. Both characteristics match the clamshell concept art at this year's Samsung Developer Conference.

Samsung clamshell foldable phone prototype

This leak also reveals a couple of new features on Samsung's next foldable. Much like the $1,500 RAZR, this device also benefits from an outer notification screen but in a much smaller serving. Next to that you'll see a pair of rear cameras (the RAZR only has one) plus an LED flashlight. There's a volume rocker along the top right side of the phone, followed by what's likely a fingerprint reader. It's unclear whether this clamshell has inherited the Galaxy Fold's dedicated power button, though. We'd also like to get a closer look at this hinge design -- it appears more rounded than what the RAZR packs.

Wang didn't share further detail, but assuming that this prototype is legit, it'll be interesting to see how Samsung will position it as a product. Will it be a full-on flagship to match its pricey foldable panel? Or will it take a page out of the RAZR's book and opt for a more efficient mid-range chipset? Either way, chances are this will be a slightly more affordable alternative to the $2,000 Galaxy Fold (or the $2,400 Huawei Mate X, for that matter). And as our very own Chris Velazco found out, such clamshell form factor may win over more consumers' hearts -- at least until they see the prices, anyway.