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CES 2019 recap: Day two

Get your fitness on with boxing robots and spot-free bench pressing.

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T'is the season for New Year's resolutions, and if you're lacking self-motivation, CES 2019 had plenty of gadgets that can help you have fun while trying to get fit. Las Vegas is all about boxing, and we saw BotBoxer, a punching bag that dodge your blows and measure their force, along with FightCamp, a fitness tracking bodybag. If you're more into msucles, there's the Hiiga-One mechanical bench press that doesn't need weights. Finally, we looked at JAXJOX, a $349 kettlebell that lets you join a virtual $30 per month gym inside your home. There was much more that you can read about here, and stay tuned today as we move into the more er, eccentric half of the show.

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