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Instantly boost your team’s productivity for free with Glip

Collaboration is a dream with free chat, file sharing, and task management for your entire team.

If Nike's teaser for its self-lacing shoes is telling us anything, it's that 2019 is going to be the year of unparalleled efficiency. And, as such, you should be looking for better ways to get more done in less time. While you can certainly net some precious time back by having a $350 pair of shoes lace themselves for you, there's also an effective and economical way to boost your team efficiency.

Glip is the collaboration tool that supercharges your workflow by offering free chat, file sharing, and task management solutions to your entire team—something both Fortune 500 execs and self-starting entrepreneurs can appreciate.

With Glip, you can chat with your team in real time via text, video, or audio, and even share your screen instantly wherever you are. Glip helps you take on big projects by creating and managing tasks, and you can instantly share and collaborate on files to get the whole team on the same page, literally.

Glip features apps for both desktop and mobile, so you can stay in the loop whether you're in the office or travelling; and it plays nice with a host of cloud storage and file sharing tools.

While there are plenty of other collaboration solutions, like Slack and Skype, Glip won't charge you a dime for its services. Free for all features and for as many users as you want, Glip is hands-down the easiest and most economical way to elevate your productivity in 2019, and you can get started for free here.

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