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Buell is trying again as Fuell, an electric mobility company

Meet the Fluid and Flow electric bicycle and motorcycle.

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By Tony Markovich

When the Erik Buell Racing motorcycle company went bankrupt and auctioned off its assets in 2015, the electric wave was still a ripple within the tides. Tesla was just about to launch the Model X, and Zero motorcycles was reaching formidable heights for the first time. Nobody had even heard of Bird scooters yet. But Buell must have been inspired by what he saw, as he has returned in 2019 to launch a new electric mobility company called Fuell.

Although Fuell evokes Buell's name (and ironically fossil fuels?), the new company is not a one-man team. Buell partnered with Frédéric Vasseur, team principal of the Sauber F1 team and CEO of Sauber Motorsport, and entrepreneur Francois-Xavier Terny. Vasseur has experience with electrics as the founder of Spark Racing Technology, which develops and builds Formula E race cars, and Terny has experience as a consultant and investor for other motorcycle ventures. In theory, it sounds like a talent-filled dream team.

But even the best minds can't make a company successful if the product is not good. According to a press release, the idea of the company is to "offer a complete and unique selection of innovative, electric, and attractive 2-wheelers to cover all the needs for urban 'macro-mobility' — city journeys that require a personal vehicle to cover distances greater than 3 miles — and therefore replace cars and public transportation."


With the announcement of the company came two starting points: an electric motorcycle and an electric bicycle. These are not exactly ground-breaking things, considering they both already exist many times over, but the Fuell team thinks it can improve on the current current through style and driving experience. Just because it's electric doesn't mean it has to be dull, dorky and dinky.

The motorcycle is called the Fuell Flow-1, and it comes in two power variants: 11 kWh, which is about equivalent to a 125cc bike, and 35 kWh. A motor is integrated into the rear wheel, opening up the space for 13 gallons of internal storage within the body. Fuell did not mention range statistics for the Flow, but estimates it to have a starting price of $10,995. The motorcycle seen in the photos is the higher-performance model called the Flow-1S.

The Fluid-1 is for those who want something a bit more simple than the Flow-1. The bicycle has an integrated electric motor, a carbon belt, and internal hub gears, and relies on two removable batteries that add up to 1 kWh of power. Fuell claims up to 125 miles of city range. The standard model has a 20-mph maximum speed, while an S model can get up to 28 mph. The Fluid-1 is estimated to start at $3,295.

Fuell sweetens the deal with mentions that its products are infinitely customizable and have upgradable parts for the motors, batteries and chargers. Both the bicycle and motorcycle offer connected technology, as well.

Fuell says it will have a fully functioning website with all the details and purchase options on both the Fluid-1 and the Flow-1 by mid-April. It estimates first Fluid deliveries will come in 2019, while first Flow deliveries will come in early 2021.

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