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These Raspberry Pi products are all marked down for Pi Day

Save big on courses, hardware, and starter kits for the renowned DIY electronics platform.

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Today marks Pi Day, the annual celebration of everyone's favorite mathematical constant. While some of us might honor the occasion by throwing around pi puns at work, you can also celebrate with major discounts on several Raspberry Pi bundles.

For the uninitiated, Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized microcomputer that can be used to make robots and a myriad of other DIY tech creations. We've rounded up five different Raspberry Pi kits that can get you working with this versatile electronics platform and celebrating Pi Day the right way. Use code 3POINT14 at checkout for an extra 14 percent off your purchase.

1. The Complete Raspberry Pi Course Bundle

stackMSRP: $299.98 | Today: $19 | Savings: 93%

Even a complete Raspberry Pi newbie can get to creating their own DIY tech with this three-course collection. In just 10 hours, this course bundle will show you how Raspberry Pi can be used to create Amazon Alexa skills from scratch, build an Amazon Echo clone and even build a functional gaming system.

2. Complete Raspberry Pi 3B+ Starter Kit & Course Bundle

stackMSRP: $448.98 | Today: $139.99 | Savings: 68%

This collection combines the above training with a rich selection of Raspberry Pi hardware to get you creating faster. Inside, you'll find a Raspberry Pi 3B board, 37 sensor modules, instructions for 35 projects plus the three courses from The Complete Raspberry Pi Course Bundle.

3. Raspberry Pi 3B+ & 37 Sensors Starter Kit

stackMSRP: $149.99 | Today: $129.99 | Discount: 13%

If you'd rather skip the courses and just get your hands on the hardware, this bundle just contains the Raspberry Pi 3B board, 37 sensor modules and project instructions mentioned above.

4. CrowPi Raspberry Pi Accessory Kit


MSRP: $239

If you already have a Raspberry Pi board and want to take its capabilities further, this accessory kit has you covered. Packed with a motor, receiver, buttons, and more DIY components, this kit empowers you to explore your Raspberry Pi's potential and get exposed to programming and electronics.

5. Raspberry Pi 3 + Speech Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit

stackMSRP: $179.99 | Today: $169.99 | Savings: 5%

This kit is based on the PiSmart platform, which boasts Speech to Text (STT), Text to Speech (TTS), and servo and motor control, allowing you to build a car and program it to follow a line, avoid obstacles and even respond to your voice.

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