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You can get the Mixvibes DJ software suite for just $49

Mix, match, and visualize your tunes with these three intuitive tools.

Starting out can be tough for the aspiring DJ or anyone looking to pursue it as a hobby. As if finding your own creative sound wasn't difficult enough, you have to come to grips with some pretty complicated software to bring your music to life. Fire up any major digital audio workstation (DAW), like Ableton or Pro Tools, and you'll understand the struggle right away.

The enterprising minds at Mixvibes are looking to level out the DJ learning curve by releasing beginner-friendly software that won't break the bank. The Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle contains three of their tools for jamming, mixing, and even syncing your tunes up to impressive visuals, all for $49.

The collection leads with Cross DJ, a user-friendly DJ software that runs on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. Cross DJ sports a powerful BPM detection algorithm that can find the BPM of your tracks and sync them together, and it helps you create smooth, harmonic mixes with key detection and key matching features.

Next up is Remixvideo. This VJ software comes packed with features for adding visuals to your tunes using an intuitive grid of video loops. You can adjust your visuals with 18 real-time video FX and blend videos together with 7 mixing modes. The software also includes 144 free VJ loops and 36 HQ audio samples.

Lastly, there's Remixlive, an all-in-one tool that combines synced loops, responsive finger drumming, live recording capabilities and more inside a single platform. Plus, the program boasts iOS, Android, Mac and PC compatibility, so you can use it at home or on the go.

The Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle features nearly $200 worth of software, but you can get it all on sale for only $49 today.

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