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Get six Microsoft data analytics courses for just $20 today

Become your company’s data hero with instruction on Excel, Access and more.

Experience, wisdom, and good ol' fashioned intuition all come into play when C-level executives decide on which direction to drive their businesses. But, any one of them would be insane to put their foot on the gas without first consulting the mounds of data their operation generates.

Practically every company relies on skilled experts to give them the data-driven insights needed to guide their decisions. The Complete Microsoft Data Analysis Expert Bundle can help you join their ranks with more than 30 hours of training in today's top data-driven tools, and it's on sale for only $19.

This six-course collection runs the gamut of Microsoft data tools professionals use to wrangle heaps of data and transform them into actionable insights. You'll start with a look at Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) a business analytics service that helps users visualize and analyze data and collaborate with interactive reports.

From there, you'll expand your training to Microsoft VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and leverage it to send and receive data with Access. Of course, the collection also offers instruction on using Microsoft Excel so you can rapidly generate reports, streamline your number crunching and more.

The Complete Microsoft Data Analysis Expert Bundle sports nearly $1,200 worth of content, but you can get it all on sale today for only $20, a fraction of its usual price.

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