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GoPro's replacement camera plan comes to the UK and Canada

GoPro Plus subscribers will get their cameras replaced with no questions asked.

GoPro is bringing its no-questions-asked device replacement guarantee to 25 more countries as part of its GoPro Plus subscription service, the company announced. Buyers in the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany could already get for the $5 per month service, which includes unlimited video and photo cloud storage, automatic content uploading and half-price accessories. Now, they'll also get a replacement guarantee that's handy for devices often used in extreme circumstances.

"Part of what makes a GoPro special is that you can use it in any situation," said GoPro founder and CEO, Nick Woodman. "With the GoPro Plus damaged camera replacement benefit, subscribers can have the confidence that their camera is covered, no questions asked."

GoPro finally has momentum after turning a profit in its last quarter thanks in large part to the Hero 7 Black, but it's not quite out of the woods yet. The GoPro Plus subscription service is a big part of that turnaround, thanks to nearly 200,000 paid subscribers as of February. Given how a lot of folks use GoPros to film dangerous exploits, the damaged camera replacement benefit is a perk that could entice users to sign up, so it makes sense to offer it around the world.

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