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'Crackdown 3' lets you team up with friends in Wrecking Zone

The DLC for the first two 'Crackdown' games is also free.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
04.20.19 in AV

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Sumo Digital/Microsoft Studios

Crackdown 3's signature Wrecking Zone mode should now be decidedly livelier. After a brief round of testing, Sumo and Microsoft have released an update that adds Squad support to the destroy-everything multiplayer feature. If you have Crackdown-loving friends, you can partner up with them instead of having to fly solo.

There's more for those who prefer the earlier titles. Key add-ons for the original Crackdown (Getting Busy) and its sequel (Deluge and Toy Box) are now free, so you can experience more of those games beyond the core experience. For some, that might be the bigger news -- Crackdown 3 has its share of detractors, but there are still plenty of people who might want to revisit the previous games for nostalgia's sake.

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