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'Black Mirror' short promo films will star Latinx influencers

The three 'Little Black Mirror' shorts hit YouTube starting May 26th.

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You don't have to wait until June 5th to get your next fix of Black Mirror -- although it might not be what you were expecting. Netflix has announced a trio of Little Black Mirror short promo films with thematic links to the technology-gone-wrong series. They're aimed at a Spanish-speaking audience and will star a host of Latinx social network luminaries offering their take on the franchise, including Rudy Mancuso (who also directed and scored the series), Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita.

The three stories will be free on YouTube, with the first arriving May 26th, the second on June 2nd and the last on June 9th. You won't need to watch them to appreciate the full Black Mirror series. It's easy to see Netflix trying this approach in the future, though. Shorts like this could help introduce viewers to shows that weren't otherwise on their radar. Whatever Netflix spends on production could easily be recovered if it leads to more subscribers and a larger fan base for its originals.

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