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After Math: The price of technological progress

The costs of the modern world are not borne equally

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Westend61 via Getty Images

San Francisco is on the cusp of banning e-cigarettes while a Florida town is now half a million dollars poorer following a ransomware attack. Google's building 20,000 new Silicon Valley homes (since California won't) and a new predictive hotel app can guess room prices around the world.


Movie sanitizing service ordered to pay $62 million in piracy suit

VidAngel is paying the price for its "family friendly" business practice of editing out adult situations -- sex, cursing and whathaveyou -- from Hollywood films and renting out the results. This judgement is likely to put the company out of business given that the fine is $60.2 million more than what it has in assets.


Florida city gives in to $600,000 bitcoin ransomware demand

Riviera Beach is not having a good week. First, some hacker locked the town out of its own civic network. Then they had to suffer the indignity of paying a ransom to have their systems restored. And now they have to wait to see if the hackers will actually do the right thing now that they've sent the money.


The latest version of Monopoly is voice-activated

Want to teach your kids about the dangers of unfettered capitalism but wish you didn't have to use your hands so much? Hoo boy, has Hasbro got the game for you.

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San Francisco set to become first US city to ban e-cigarettes

Sure, why not? It's not like San Francisco isn't still one of the most expensive cities on the planet, rife with rampant homelessness and untenable housing prices. Glad to see the Board of Supervisors tackling the quality of life issues that really impact the city's residents.


Google reveals plans to build 20,000 Bay Area homes

Only a quarter of which will be affordable to people who don't work for Google.


Hopper app now predicts hotel prices around the world

If you want to get away but are unsure if you can afford to get there, Hopper has you covered no matter where you go. The room reservation app has listings for a quarter million hotels in 230 countries .


Fan-made 'Mario Royale' pits you against 74 speedrunners

Oh so you think you got the mad Mario Bros. game? Well you better hurry up and show us what you got in this fan-made 75-player speed run homage to the classic platformer because once Nintendo gets wind of this, you can be sure it'll be throughly scrubbed from the internet.

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