Apple's AirPods drop to $129 on Amazon

The true wireless earbuds are back to their lowest price yet.

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Don't worry if you missed out on some of the sweeter AirPods deals from the holidays -- you can get a solid bargain right now. Amazon is selling Apple's standard wireless earbuds for $129, or $30 off (and a return to an all-time low price). You won't get a wireless charging case or the noise cancellation of the AirPods Pro, but you're also paying relatively little for some iconic audio.

The pros and cons of the AirPods are well-established by this point. The sound quality is merely okay, there's no water resistance, and the design offers neither extensive control nor a secure fit for some listeners. And of course, they lose much of their appeal if you aren't already an Apple device user. They're extremely convenient if you are invested in the Apple ecosystem, though, and they still nail some fundamentals (such as a long-lasting battery case and a reliable connection) better than others. The AirPods are a solid choice if you want to listen to podcasts during your bus ride or take hands-free phone calls.

Buy Apple AirPods (Latest Version) on Amazon - $129

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