Snapchat’s new lenses use AR to encourage social distancing

The lens is the result of a partnership with the World Health Organization.

Snapchat's latest set of lenses come with a timely reminder of the importance of social distancing. The app introduced two new lenses, created in collaboration with the World Health Organization, that use augmented reality to serve users with tips on how to stay healthy.

One, labeled "My Social Distance," encourages users to "practice social distancing" and creates an AR circle on the ground to help visualize the necessary space recommended by the WHO and other health organizations. Another lens comes with animated reminders about hand washing, staying at home and the importance of not touching your face. Both lenses link to the WHO's website with additional safety tips.

The new lenses build on previous coronavirus-related updates from the company such as new mental health resources and social distancing-friendly Bitmoji. And while the latest AR lenses may not be as technically impressive as what we've seen from Snap in the past, they show how the company is using its camera platform to deliver important health information to its users.