Learn Python, C++, Java and more with 14 courses for $40

The 2023 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle contains 244 hours of content that introduces you to popular programming languages.

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September 25, 2022 10:55 AM
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Programming doesn’t require a formal tech degree, and some tier-one companies are known to offer jobs to engineers who taught themselves how to code. The path isn’t easy, but self-paced study materials could provide you structure when branching out of your current discipline. The 2023 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle contains 244 hours of training that can teach you development skills, and it’s on sale for $40.

This coding collection comprises content from top-rated instructors and e-learning platforms specializing in tech skills. One example is Zenva Academy, which has taught over one million students in areas such as web and mobile app development, virtual reality, machine learning and data science.

These lessons cover numerous in-demand languages such C++ and JavaScript, but five courses are dedicated to Python alone. The Python Mega Course, for instance, introduces you to the language with 10 hands-on projects, including a personal website, a real estate web data scraper and a webcam app that detects moving objects. This allows you to experiment with object oriented programming (OOP) while building your coding portfolio.

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Once you nail the basics, it’s time for some fun. One project involves building a text-based medical diagnosis bot, which will test your knowledge in designing, testing and implementing algorithms to create decision-based questionnaires. The conclusion will also explore the societal implications these programs can have.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in game development, there’s a Python course on how to create an escape room, which will require you to implement interactive elements using OOP fundamentals. You can hone your game dev skills further in C++ for Absolute Beginners or dive into general-use languages such as Java, JavaScript, Google Go and more.

Course list:

  • Learn to Code With Python 3

  • Build a Medical Diagnosis Bot With Python

  • 2022 Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp

  • Python and Android TensorFlow Lite: Machine Learning for App Development

  • SwiftUI Augmented Reality With RealityKit and ARKit

  • Fullstack Web Dev Masterclass: Build Websites With Node and MongoDB NoSQL

  • Java: A Complete Tutorial From Zero to JDBC

  • Google Go Programming for Beginners (Golang)

  • The 2022 Javascript Developer Bootcamp

  • The Complete 2022 Web Developer Bootcamp: Build 15 Projects

  • The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

  • Django Crash Course With Examples

  • C++ for Absolute Beginners

  • Create an Escape Room With Python

Whether you’re considering a career change or want to brush up on your programming skills for a new job, the 2023 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle offers plenty of training to help you achieve your goals. You can purchase all 14 courses today for $40.

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