vivo X60 Series
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6 things you need to know about the vivo X60 series, co-engineered with ZEISS

Here is why techies and photography enthusiasts alike absolutely adore the vivo X60 series.

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The vivo X60 is the inaugural 5G smartphone series that has been infused with the latest mobile photography technologies, conceived in collaboration with legendary optics manufacturer ZEISS. The latest addition to vivo’s flagship product lineup — the X Series — the X60 launched in late-December 2020 in China to critical acclaim. Having received raving reviews for its cutting-edge design and premium imaging capabilities powered by ZEISS optics, the vivo X60 is slated for impending global release.

Here is why techies and photography enthusiasts alike absolutely adore the vivo X60 series.

Vivo X60
The brand new vivo X60 Pro in Shimmer Blue

Professional-grade camera technologies at the touch of your fingertips

The genesis behind the X series — the professional photography flagship product line of the revered smartphone manufacturer — dates back to vivo’s commitment to build the best mobile photography system in the industry.

Having identified the evolving needs of consumers who view mobile photography as an important part of popular culture and daily life, vivo set out to optimize smartphone imaging capabilities through user-oriented innovation. The X series repurposes professional-grade camera technologies to be accessed by the everyday consumer, as vivo designs devices for them to capture memorable moments as clearly and vividly as possible.

The ultimate imaging performance, co-engineered with ZEISS

vivo and ZEISS have linked up to become global strategic partners for mobile imaging. Born out of the desire to redefine mobile photography, vivo co-engineered and infused the legacy of ZEISS into the X60 series. German lens manufacturer and optical giant with over 175 years of operational history (founded in 1846), ZEISS technology is held towards the stringent standards with strict requirements for high quality.

Vivo X60
The vivo X60 Pro+, a professional photography flagship smartphone

ZEISS is also renowned for its unique visual style and individual imaging characteristics, preferred by camera aficionados and the photography community. vivo siphoned the iconic elements of ZEISS products and incorporated them into the X60 series, culminating in peak ultimate imaging performance.

Thoroughly infused with legendary ZEISS optical imaging technology

The X60 is the first vivo smartphone series to receive the ZEISS treatment, inside and out. For starters, the ZEISS logo is emblazoned on the camera lens, while the ZEISS Vario-Tessar trademark is engraved next to the camera flashlight. vivo and ZEISS jointly conducted in-depth research on consumer behaviors to determine which optical design scheme and camera structure will best meet user demands, with the Vario-Tessar imaging style that is ideal for focal length and aperture optimization adapted for the smartphone imaging system.

Meanwhile, reviewers are raving about the ZEISS Biotar Portrait Style, available for the first time in the vivo X60 devices. This ZEISS powered camera mode allows users to access customized professional photography, with unprecedented ability to render center sharpness, exceptional definition and harmonious bokeh.

Vivo X60
ZEISS Biotar Portrait Style on vivo X60 series

Diverse multi-modal mobile photography features by vivo

The impressive array of diverse photography features developed by vivo on the X60 are greatly complemented by the camera with ZEISS Vario-Tessar imaging capabilities, as the two storied brands join forces to provide a multi-faceted imaging experience for consumers. Embedded with Gimbal Stabilization 2.0 and Extreme Night Vision 2.0 features, the vivo X60 smartphones can capture clear photos or videos while its user is in motion and even in dark environments.

The multi-modal mobile photography features that were very well received upon the launch of the X50 have now been improved and optimized by vivo for the X60 lineup. With the HDR Super Night Portrait, Ultra Wide Night Mode, Super Pano, Pro Sport Mode, Kids Snapshot and Flash Portrait Style Mode, the vivo X60 is surely one of the most impressive smartphones to be released in 2021.

So much technology, packaged into a sleek design

Depending on the model, up to four rear cameras — a main camera, an ultra-wide camera, a periscope camera, and a portrait camera — are encased within the vivo X60’s new Dual Tone Step integrated design. The cameras are fashioned in thin cascading layers that rise in subtle steps, exuding a futuristic aesthetic while containing professional-grade imaging technologies and multi-faceted photography features inside the sleek body of the X60 devices.

vivo X60 Series
New Dual Tone Step multi-camera design

Additionally, the vivo X60 and X60 Pro have an AG Frosted Surface that allows for a silky and finger-proof panel, resulting in premium look and comfortable feel. Available in Shimmer Blue or Midnight Black, the X60 series colorways are vibrant and fashionable, allowing it to become an extension of the user’s daily lifestyle.

The vivo X60 series is just the beginning

vivo and ZEISS believe they are ideal partners that go beyond simple unilateral pursuits; in fact, the brands reached a consensus through fruitful communications, series of virtual meetings and mutual site visits, hoping to achieve greatness in this new era. With that being said, vivo and ZEISS will collaborate on an ongoing basis and have established the “vivo ZEISS Imaging Lab” as a joint R&D team and facility. We’re expecting more exciting new developments and mobile photography breakthroughs to come!

Recently, vivo announced their entry into Romania and the Czech Republic, having expanded its presence in 2020 across the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. vivo’s fast paced growth is a testament to its smartphone devices and mobile photography technology, as the brand strives to bring joy to more consumers around the world in 2021.

The vivo X60 lineup will hit the shelves globally in the coming weeks, so be sure to try it for yourself in stores and don’t miss out on this release.