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A four-pack of Samsung SmartTag 2 trackers is back on sale for $70

A Tile Mate, meanwhile, can be yours for just $18.

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Bluetooth trackers are handy little devices that can help you keep track of items you're worried about losing. Which model you opt for depends on several factors, such as the physical form factor and the phone operating system or brand you use. In any case, a few of our favorite Bluetooth trackers are on sale, including Samsung's Galaxy SmartTag 2. A four-pack is currently $70, which is $30 off and matches a record low. A single tag has dropped from $30 to $21 — just $1 more than the lowest price we've seen for it.

The Galaxy SmartTag 2 is our top Bluetooth tracker pick for users of Samsung phones.

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The Galaxy SmartTag 2 is our pick for the best Bluetooth tracker for folks with Samsung phones. While Samsung perhaps doesn't have as many smartphones out there as Apple (the Find My network uses every iPhone in the vicinity to track AirTags), it has an extensive enough number of devices in the wild to make its own finding network fairly robust. Unfortunately, the Galaxy SmartTag 2 does not yet work with Google's Find My Device network, which would allow any compatible Android device to help hunt for a misplaced tag.

That quibble aside, we quite like the SmartTag 2. Setup is a cinch, for one thing. In our testing we were able to quickly find items tagged with one, while the left-behind alerts worked well when a Samsung phone detected that we were moving away from a SmartTag 2. The design is useful, since it's easy to attach the tracker to a set of keys. It has a louder ring than an AirTag or Tile Pro as well.

The battery will run for about 16 months, according to Samsung, and it's replaceable. The SmartTag 2 is also IP67 rated for water and dust resistance. While the SmartTag 2 may not be quite as precise as an AirTag for finding a misplaced or stolen item, it's still a solid Bluetooth tracker option for Samsung users.

If you're looking for an option that both iPhones and Android devices can help track down, it's worth considering the Tile Mate. A single tag in white is available for $18, which is $7 off the regular price. This has a Bluetooth range of up to 250 feet and can be easily attached to keys as well thanks to a small hole in one of the corners. The battery is not replaceable, unfortunately, but it will power the tracker for up to three years, Tile says.

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