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A four-pack of Tile Mate Bluetooth trackers is on sale for only $38

They sell for $25 each at full price.


If you're sick of misplacing your keys, bag or even your jacket, a Bluetooth tracker can help. Walmart is currently selling a four-pack of Tile Mate tags in gray for $38. That puts them at $9.50 per tracker, which is a pretty good deal considering a set of four retails for $100 or $25 each at full price (though we've seen them selling for around $17 per fob lately). Even if you were just planning on getting two, you may as well snag this deal and get a few bonus trackers so you can get creative on what you tag, such as an umbrella or the family cat.

The deal works out to $9.50 per tracker, which is 62 percent off the full retail of $25 each. 

$38 at Walmart
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$50 at Target$44 at Best Buy

Apple AirTags are probably the better known product in the Bluetooth tracker category, but we found plenty to like about Tile's fobs in our tests. For one, they'll work with Android phones, which AirTags just wont. They also conveniently have a hole in them, whereas Apple's smooth discs require an additional accessory to attach them to anything. And finally, when you tap Find in the Tile app, the Tile Mate rings louder than the AirTags and will helpfully keep making sound until you find your item, unlike the AirTags which ring for seven seconds then stop.

That said, the Tile finding network is smaller than Apple's incredibly vast network that relies on every nearby iPhone to anonymously search for a lost AirTag. Tile's network relies on other Tile and Life 360 users, which number in the millions, and, when we simulated losing a Tile tracker out in the world, it only took a few minutes longer than Apple to send a notification that the tag had been "spotted by the community."

One thing to keep in mind is that Tile requires a membership to activate separation alerts, the notification that tells you you've left your tagged items behind. The Tile Mate also doesn't have a replaceable battery. The Tile Pro trackers, which we named best companions for Android phones in our guide, have swappable batteries and are currently 37 percent off for a two-pack directly from Tile.

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