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Live from Sony Ericsson's MWC 2011 press event!

It's really no secret what Sony Ericsson plans to show off at its MWC 2011 press conference -- leaks notwithstanding, the Xperia Play (aka PlayStation Phone) was unveiled and made quite official in a Super Bowl commercial. We're about to see it presented all over again, but we'll also get a chance to see what else the company has up its sleeve... and under its thumbs, of course. The event kicks off 6PM local time (that's noon ET), so join us promptly, won't ya?

12:22PM We've just taken our seats under Opium Mar BCN. The stage is tiny, the talent (i.e. speakers and executives) are roped off to the side, and the room is absolutely packed. We're pretty sure we saw Kaz Hirai wandering somewhere. Game time (sorry, couldn't resist) is 1pm ET / 7pm local.