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A year without Apple's wireless-charging mat
Here's what has happened since Apple announced AirPower.

At Apple's iPhone event last year, the company announced its AirPower charging mat -- a device that promised a way to wirelessly charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at the same time. But 12 months later, Apple still hasn't delivered on that promise, and we've been left twiddling our thumbs and charging our Apple devices with cords like schmucks. Today you'll be able to follow our liveblog to see if our wait is finally over, but in the meantime, here are a few instances over the past year where the lack of AirPower was both glaring and egregious.

December 2017FCC boss Ajit Pai, fed up with waiting for AirPower, acts out by killing net neutrality.

February 2018In space, Starman charges his iPhone in a Tesla Roadster instead of on an AirPower mat.

February 2018Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot searches for a free outlet to charge its iPhone.

March 2018Tim Cook decides not to put wireless-charging mats in schools.

April 2018Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the Senate without an AirPower mat to charge his iPhone.

July 2018Underneath the MacBook Pro's dirt-resistant keyboard, there's no wireless-charging mat.

July 2018A trumpet takes the rightful place of an AirPower charger.

September 2018Frank Underwood dies without ever getting to experience the AirPower mat.

September 2018Elon Musk thinks to himself, "AirPower but for Mars."

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Images: Bloomberg via Getty Images (Ajit Pai), SpaceX via Getty Images (Starman), Boston Dynamics (robots), Scott Olson via Getty Images (Tim Cook), Anadolu Agency via Getty Images (Mark Zuckerberg), iFixit (keyboard), Brooks Kraft/Apple (MacBook Pro), Netflix (House of Cards), Joe Rogan Experience (Elon Musk)