Beyoncé and Peloton team up to gift fitness classes to HBCU students

The singer has donated two-year subscriptions to students at 10 Historically Black colleges.


Beyoncé and Peloton are teaming up for a “multi-year partnership” with the aims of boosting the fitness platform’s music credentials and building “pro-social initiatives.” The first project as part of the team-up will see Peloton commemorating Homecoming season at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Students at 10 of these universities, including Bennett College and Howard University, will be given a two-year subscription to Peloton’s subscription-based fitness platform for free.

These two-year subscriptions will enable students to take classes through the Peloton App, without having to buy any of the company’s fancy workout gear. The partnership will also see Beyoncé curate a series of “themed workout experiences” that will compensate for the fact that Homecoming’s traditional in-person events can’t take place this year. Peloton will also work with those institutions to recruit students as both interns and undergraduate employees.

In the future, Beyoncé will also build a new series of courses that will focus on areas of importance, including music, movement, fitness and wellness. The superstar says she is a fan of Peloton and has been a member for several years, and hopes that her donation will encourage students “embrace their own wellness regimens.”

Peloton and the music industry have not had the best time of it lately, after a music publishers body sued it for unlicensed broadcast. At the start of 2020, the company reached a settlement with the National Music Publishers Association to help improve matters going forward. And Peloton has said that Beyoncé’s music is the “most requested artist” for users to work out to, so this could be an ideal partnership for both of them.