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Blink Mini two-packs drop to only $30 at Amazon

That’s a record low price for the security camera.


Blink Mini security cameras are on sale via Amazon. You can scoop up a two-pack for just $30, which is 40 percent off and a record-low price. The sale extends to single packs, which are 33 percent off, and triple-packs.

This is a record-low price for the combo pack. 

$30 at Amazon

The Blink Mini is not the most recent model, thanks to Amazon's release of the Blink Mini 2, but it's still a fantastic way to keep an eye on your home. These cameras are easy to set up, connect via Wi-Fi and capture 1080p video. They also capture infrared signals and send security alerts directly to your phone anytime the sensor detects movement.

There’s also two-way audio and an affiliated app, so you can yell “who’s the cutest in the world? It’s you the cutest in the world” at a pet while at work. Blink is owned by Amazon, so there’s full Alexa voice control, which is always nice. Finally, the Mini comes with a free 30-day trial of the company’s subscription plan, which lets you save and share video clips.

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