Find wine you love (and find out why) with Bright Cellars

Enjoy bottles at home and learn how to order when you're out.

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May 6, 2021 10:55 AM
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A wine shipment from Bright Cellars.

For wine drinkers, access to knowledgeable professionals and in-person tastings has been limited by the pandemic, but interest in wine has not. Exploring new-to-you varieties from home by ordering online can be cost prohibitive, time consuming and ultimately frustrating when a bottle arrives and is decidedly not what you were hoping for.

But not with Bright Cellars. Bright Cellars is a wine club that identifies the type of wine you’re likely to love and ships it directly to you. Currently, you can sign up for a membership at 50 percent off the first six-bottle Bright Cellars box, a $45 value.

Using the results of a flavor profile quiz, Bright Cellars predicts which bottles are your best match. The focus throughout is on flavor, not labels. The team behind the brand is working to democratize wine, to make it accessible to anyone by using the expert knowledge of their in-house sommeliers and an algorithm that pairs members with wines based on their unique preferences. Their sommeliers source bottles from around the world, including Spain, Portugal, Australia, and South Africa, among other countries.

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Along with special attention to matching drinkers with tastes they’ll enjoy, Bright Cellars provides wine education in each box, detailing things like the region of each wine, tasting notes, serving temperatures, food pairings, and other fun facts that turn your box from just a few bottles into an in-depth tasting experience. The longer you remain a member, the better Bright Cellars learns your flavor profile (thanks to ratings you enter for each bottle) and the better you come to understand the world of wine, what you’re looking for in your ideal glass, and how to order at a restaurant even when you’re not familiar with the producer. Bright Cellars members also get access to exclusive premium options like biodynamic, sustainable and sparkling wines at discounted prices.

How does it work, exactly? After completing the palate quiz, you'll be shown a list of wines beside a brief description and visual breakdown of their flavor profiles. You can customize your wine box further by changing the number of reds and whites — always packaged horizontally to maintain their flavor — and you can skip future shipments whenever you want. For all questions or adjustments to your order, there’s expert customer service with sommelier-trained concierges who can assist with any part of the order process and offer pairing/tasting suggestions.

To help you have the best experience possible and encourage you to try new styles, Bright Cellars works with you to adjust your flavor profile and provide a replacement bottle should you find that one in your shipment was truly not up to snuff.

If all this is making your mouth water, head to Bright Cellars to fill out your flavor profile quiz and take advantage of this half-off six-bottle offer while you can.