Build your brand online with a .tech domain name

Choosing the .tech domain extension is a great way to give your tech project a concise and relevant domain name that’s easy to remember.

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July 20, 2020 11:00 AM
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Build your brand online with a .tech domain name

If there’s ever been a perfect time to bite the bullet and get that brand or project idea off the ground, it’s right now. With the economy undergoing a dramatic shift and interest rates at historic lows, entrepreneurs are scrambling to lock down funding, assemble teams, and build their ideas into a profitable reality while taking advantage of everything that a newly dynamic market has to offer.

But, if there’s one major hurdle that slows down even the most ambitious developers, it’s finding a relevant domain name that hasn’t already been taken. With tons of websites being created every day, locking down a domain that’s both catchy and memorable is becoming increasingly difficult—even if you’re willing to venture away from the .com world and into the more esoteric .net and .org tags.

But if your brand or project idea resides under the overarching fields of technology or development, we have good news. You can actually build a much more meaningful and tech-focused online presence by purchasing a .tech domain name—giving your brand a concise and specific website title that users can easily find and recall.

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.tech domain names are a great way to sidestep the clutter that almost inevitably comes with purchasing a more traditional .com or .net domain name in today’s oversaturated domain marketplace, and the unique relevance of the .tech extension will add to the weight and professionalism of your brand. It's even being used by major players in the tech scene including CES ( and Intel (, and hundreds of thousands of developers, startup founders and tech enthusiasts.

After a simple search, you’ll be able to find a .tech domain that’s short and sweet instead of long and clunky, and the SEO-friendly nature of the .tech extension means that it will help your site climb to the top of a variety of search rankings.

These catchy domain names are also quickly recognized all across the globe—making it easier to expand your reach and influence in foreign markets. 

Give your brand the online name recognition it deserves by cutting through the noise and reaching your target audience with a .tech domain name. You can start searching for your perfect .tech domain name here, and don’t forget to use the code TECHNOW at checkout to knock 80% off the cost of both 1-year and 5-year domain plans.

Prices are subject to change.

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