Canon confirms its long-rumored flagship EOS R1 is coming later this year

The full-frame mirrorless camera will have a new image processing system and CMOS sensor, the company says.


After years of rumors, Canon has confirmed that a flagship EOS R1 camera is in the works for its EOS line. The full-frame mirrorless camera is slated to arrive later this year and, while Canon hasn't revealed all the details just yet, it teased just enough to whet your appetite. There's no indication as to how much the EOS R1 will cost just yet either, but you may need to dig deep into your wallet this one.

The company says that the professional-grade camera will have an RF mount and offer improved video and still performance compared with the EOS R3. It will boast an upgraded image processing system that combines a fresh CMOS sensor, a new image processor called Digic Accelerator and the existing Digic X processor.

Canon says the system will be able to process a large volume of data at high speed and deliver advancements in auto focus and other areas. The company claims it's been able to combine the capabilities of the image processing system with its deep-learning tech to achieve "high-speed and high-accuracy subject recognition."

This powers a feature called Action Priority, which can, for instance, detect a player carrying a certain action in a sports game (like shooting a ball) and identify them as the main subject for a shot. The system would be able to instantly shift the auto focus frame in that person's direction to help make sure the photographer doesn't miss out on capturing key moments from a game.

Canon claims the EOS R1 can track athletes during sporting events even if they're momentarily out of line of sight. The focus on sports in the initial announcement suggests that the camera could be put to the test at this summer's Olympic Games in Paris.

In addition, Canon says it's bringing the image noise reduction feature that was initially built for PC software directly into the camera. It suggests this further improves image quality and can help users fulfill their creative goals.