Clariti web app is changing the way teams work together

Clariti is the only tool your team needs for communication, collaboration and staying organized – all seamlessly sorted by topic.

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August 26, 2021 10:55 AM
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The Clariti app in use on a laptop.

The new hybrid work model has revolutionized how companies get things done, though a shift toward digital communication between colleagues has long been happening. Today, whether your team works together in person, is dispersed across locations or represents some combination of the two, having the right technology is crucial to keeping a productive, efficient and happy workforce. From team communication to ensuring everyone has access to what they need, every business needs clarity.

Instead of navigating through multiple storage, communication and cloud-based tools, smart teams are already on Clariti. It's the only tool your team needs for collaboration and organization – and it’s all seamlessly sorted by topic. It’s as easy to set up as it is to use, as it follows the same type of logic of desktop folders. You’ll get familiar with the innovative web app fast.

Clariti organizes your chats, calls, emails, to-do list and documents, linking them by topic and filing them into appropriately-named TopicFolders. Every TopicFolder becomes a hub for a particular project or initiative. So, instead of wasting time raking through your inbox or clicking around cloud storage folders, everything you need pertaining to a certain topic is automatically filed away into that TopicFolder. It’s that simple.

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If your team juggles multiple platforms just to get their jobs done (think: messenger app, project management tools, cloud-based storage solutions), you’ll instantly see how Clariti makes everyday life easier. You can carry on your normal tasks all in one place: schedule meetings, send and receive emails, even create calendar events. The fact that you can save documents here eliminates silos and keeps teams on the same page.

A browser-based, desktop-only service, no downloads are necessary – just log in on your browser and start working smarter. Clariti works best on non-Apple operating systems.

Eliminating the need for several separate platforms can radically change the way you do business for the best. Clariti is a smart solution that you can try out right now, without sharing credit card info. If and when you decide to upgrade later, reap the benefits of additional tools with a paid membership tier. Sign up for free today.

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