Boost customer engagement and conversions with Spectrm

With Spectrm, your company will be able to build highly-intelligent bots that will help you sell your products and services far more efficiently.

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August 17th, 2020
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Even before the coronavirus forced major businesses out of the office and into the world of remote communication, marketing was almost exclusively done online—through emails, targeted ad campaigns, and engagement with potential customers through chatbots.

But just like the analogue marketing tactics these tools replaced, online digital marketing and customer engagement has become increasingly stale and unproductive. This means that companies are wasting precious time and resources with generic appeals to potential customers who crave a much more personalized, conversational interaction with your brand.

With Spectrm, however, you’ll be able to create and deploy advanced bots that actually engage current and future customers using intuitive AI technology that treats each interaction as an actual conversation.

Used by companies like Groupon, Telekom, and Ford in order to guide shoppers toward fully-customized product bundles and services, Spectrm-built bots offer an uniquely immersive customer experience that will help your brand increase conversions by appealing to each customer’s needs and experiences—unlike typical bots that simply act as one-trick customer service tools.

The data you’ll receive from the platform you build will give you detailed information about customer preferences, which you can then use to recommend products in real-time during a chat.

You’ll be able to streamline your entire marketing department by optimizing your lead acquisition funnels into a single workflow, and individual marketers on your team will be able to engage customers directly on both social networks and display ad frameworks without having to worry about esoteric engineering tools or programming languages.

It’s been repeatedly shown that consumers in every industry are far more likely to purchase a product or service when their online experience with a vendor is personalized, and direct messaging services have become the preferred method of communication for businesses that want to select products quickly and efficiently.

With Spectrm, you’ll be able to take advantage of truly conversational AI tools that make every datapoint actionable, and there are a wide range of powerful analytical tools at your disposal that can help you categorize each consumer segment in order to select and pitch products that perfectly match their needs.

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