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Nokia verkauft 1,5 Milliarden S40-Handys


Das nennen wir einen Realitäts-Check: Beim täglichen Gerede um iOS, Android und Co. sollte man nicht die anderen Betriebssysteme vergessen, die da draußen in Geräten treu ihren Dienst tun. Nokia lässt wissen, dass seit 1999 sage und schreibe 1,5 Milliarden Geräte mit S40 verkauft wurden. Eine junge Frau aus Brasilien war diejenige, die mit dem Kauf des neuen Asha 303 den Hebel umlegte. Können andere von träumen. Wann die Finnen das wohl das nächste Mal melden können? Wir lesen das noch mal nach, hinter dem Break.

Nokia hits 1.5 billion sales of revolutionary Series 40 mobile phones

The landmark Nokia Asha 303 device has been purchased by a 21-year-old Brazilian woman

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced one of the most significant milestones in its history with the sale of its 1.5 billionth Series 40 mobile phone. The device was sold to a female consumer in the Brazilian city of São Paulo and represents a historic moment as Nokia continues its strategy of connecting the next billion.
The 1.5 billionth phone was a Nokia Asha 303, a stunning touch screen handset with QWERTY keypad designed for web browsing, social networking and gaming, that features pre-installed entertainment and applications such as Angry Birds Lite.

The device was purchased from a Magazine Luiza store in São Paulo by Mayara Rodrigues, a 21-year-old who loves staying in touch with friends and family through social networks.
Image: Nokia Brazil Vice President, Almir Luiz Narcizo, and retail network President, Luiza Helena Trajano hand the phone to Mayara Rodrigues

The first Series 40 phone was the Nokia 7110 developed in 1999. Since then this family of phones has evolved to such an extent that they are considered 'Smartphone Lite' thanks to the innovations of the new Nokia Asha range.

Series 40 phones now blur the line between feature phones and smartphones. With recent innovations including Nokia Maps for Series 40, Nokia Browser and Web Apps, Nokia Money and Nokia Life Tools, millions of consumers have enjoyed easy and affordable access to the Internet and information for the first time, with locally relevant apps and content.

Mary McDowell, Executive Vice President for Mobile Phones at Nokia, said: "We are incredibly proud to reach this milestone. Having 1.5 billion Series 40 devices sold is a hard-to-reach mark, let alone one attainable in a single line of products. At a time when we are maintaining our commitment to connecting the next billion customers around the world - it is gratifying to consider how Series 40 devices have made mobile technology accessible and help continue to change people's lives for the better."

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