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Samsung DV300F: WLAN-Kamera mit Frontdisplay ist da


Samsung beginnt mit dem Verkauf der im Januar vorgestellten Kompaktkamera DV300F: Die 16 Megapixel-Kamera bietet integriertes WLAN und ein zusätzliches 1,5 Zoll großes Frontdisplay. Letzteres soll für gelungene Selbstportraits sorgen und mit einem speziellen Kinderprogramm die Kleinen bei Laune halten. Das WLAN-Modul überträgt Fotos direkt in soziale Netzwerke wie Picasa oder Facebook. Weitere Spezifikationen sind ein Haupt-Display mit 3 Zoll, ein 25 Millimeter Weitwinkel und ein fünffach optischer Zoom. Laut der holperig übersetzten Pressemitteilung (nach dem Break) soll die Kamera ab sofort weltweit verfügbar sein. Ihr Preis beträgt 299.000 Won, das entspricht ungefähr 200 Euro.

Smart dual-view camera equipped with Wi-Fi market DV300F [SMNR]

Samsung's proprietary technology Dual View (Dual View) features new smart camera equipped with a wireless Wi-Fi 'DV300F'

3.0-inch main LCD, 1.5-inch LCD, ease of use and portability front

this release, the 1610 DV300F ten thousand mega-pixel CCD, a 25mm wide-angle 5x optical zoom, F2.5 lens, the light in dark environments by applying a highly sensitive and easy to shoot images and 3.0-inch main LCD 1.5-inch LCD monitor front hagodo 18.3mm thick and weighs 120g just going to have increased the ease of use and portability.

DV300F applied to the 'selpeusyat' feature on the front LCD to a power source is turned on, you can shoot back in self-power off the LCD and use to minimize the battery consumption The time has been improved. Pictures taken by providing a separate small frame for a picture with a short comment can record video and audio into a single image to save the record after the 'self-certified shooting' is also supported.

In addition, using a tripod when taking pictures The countdown is displayed on the LCD front after being shot three times in a row 'jeompeusyat' or when shooting a group photo taken to determine the timing of the 'self-timer' feature is a useful feature.

Fun on the LCD, including the front Pororo play the animation to focus the attention of the child "Children Mode" to support the five sound neolhyeoteumyeo choice, consumers download and play the animation itself, which can also

Wi-Fi Connectivity between smart devices by applying enhanced

DV300F 2012 Samsung Electronics 'Samsung Smart Cameras' to one of strategic products Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) wireless connectivity has been strengthened. E-mail captured images, or upload it possible to SNS, and smart phones and smart TV, Tablet PC, etc., enhances the connection of the saints.

Mobile Link (Mobile Link), Wi-Fi Direct (Wi-Fi Direct) and taken to support images directly smartphone whenever and wherever possible, the wireless transmission can be freely shared with family and friends.

"remote viewfinder (Remote Viewfinder) 'using a smartphone seen through the lens of the camera images remotely, it can take a direct reporting , and photos stored on the camera that saved automatically to your PC 'PC Auto Backup (PC Auto Backup)' function is also provided.

On the other hand, Microsoft's Sky Drive社using cloud services, such as upload your photos and 'Wi-Fi Direct ',' olsweeo (AllShare) 'feature phone, smart TV, PC etc. can build a wireless network for devices.

Smart Filter, Magic Frames feature the best images taken by applying enhanced

to recognize automatically the best around images is to shoot, allowing access 'Smart Auto' function and apply special effects and a unique feeling of an image to capture the 'smart filters' ability to support a variety of shooting environments anyone easily the best images can be recorded.

face picture naturally synthesized using predefined templates, posters, etc. After the building exterior or shape and texture can be represented as alive 'magic frame' feature has been applied.

In addition, the "Smart Face Recognition" function skin that expresses some sunshine 'Beauty Shot', do not press the shutter button to automatically shoot a smiley face that recognizes the 'Smile', as well as the camera automatically find and pre-registered people to focus primarily by controlling the exposure to shoot the 'My Star 'function is also provided.

also 720p, 30fps (Frame per Second) HD video recording and playback of video after taking a course, can also capture video footage and storage capacity than existing SDHC memory cards SDXC memory cards support a large is.

DV300F a global basis and is available in colors such as Black • Purple, consumer prices are 299,000 won.

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