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Braven 570: Schmucker kleiner Design-Lautsprecher in sechs Farben


Die Firma Braven bietet zurzeit drei tragbare Lautsprecher an, die alle schick aussehen, via Bluetooth mit Apple- oder Android-Smartphones funktionieren und gleichzeitig auch als USB-Ladegerät dienen. Nach den Braven 600, 625s und 650, die zwischen 150 und 200 Euro kosten, kommt nun noch ein viertes, etwas günstigeres Gerät auf den Markt. Das Design des gestern angekündigten Braven 570 ist ähnlich gut gelungen wie bei seinen Vorgängern - und es gibt ihn in mehr Farben als diese. Während der Neue ebenfalls über zweimal 3 Watt verfügt, ist sein Akku mit 1.200mAh schwächer als bei den anderen drei Modellen, laut Hersteller hält er zehn Stunden durch. In den USA kommt der Braven 570 im Januar 2013 für 130 Dollar in die Läden, wann und zu welchem Preis er in Europa erscheint, ist noch nicht bekannt. Weiteres Foto nach dem Break.



Provo, Utah – December 14, 2012 – BRAVEN has announced that it will offer the brand new BRAVEN 570, a colorful Bluetooth speaker with a built-in power bank that can charge a smartphone in an emergency. This event marks the debut of the BRAVEN 570 speaker, adding to its growing portable speaker line. Joining its counterparts in BRAVEN's Six Series, this speaker is small, lightweight, and pairs with any Bluetooth-equipped Android or Apple smartphone to provide incredible sound. The BRAVEN 570 speakers will be available in Lunar Black, Arctic White, Fiji Green, Rio Purple, Monaco Blue, and Sahara Red.

Aimed at the cost-conscious music lover, the colorful 570 offers 10 hours of play time, allowing users to jam to their music or blast their mobile games from virtually anywhere. The speaker connects via Bluetooth up to 33 feet away and has six watts of power encased in an impact-resistant polymer exterior. Providing the same industry-leading sound BRAVEN is known for, the new speaker also has the brand's signature charging ability. With a 1200mAh battery power bank, users can charge their phones via USB while they stream or use the speaker as a back-up power source on the go. An internal microphone also provides speakerphone functionality.

"We designed the 570 to appeal to a different audience than we've ever reached before," explains BRAVEN CEO Warren Osborn. "With the bright, colorful options and new exterior, the 570 is an important part of expanding our line to offer a high-quality BRAVEN Bluetooth speaker that matches any style, need, or cost."

Bundled with a power adapter, the BRAVEN 570 has a value of $129.99, QVC will offer the 570 speakers at an exceptional value price of $99.96 on December 16th. The speakers will be delivered to customers by Christmas. For those who miss this opportunity, the black and white editions will be available in stores in January 2013 at regular price. To learn more about BRAVEN or find a retailer, please visit

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