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Tidal jetzt auch für Amazon Fire TV und Android Auto

Mehr Kunden dank mehr Plattformen?
Ji-Hun Kim

Der Streaming-Dienst Tidal, bei dem auch Rap-Superstar Jay-Z seine Finger im Spiel hat, läuft nicht so gut im hart umkämpften Musikmarkt. Die Konkurrenz wie Spotify, Apple Music und Amazon ist stark. Dennoch denkt man bei Tidal nicht ans Aufhören und man hat bekannt gegeben, dass der Musikdienst nun auch für Android Auto und Amazon Fire TV erhältlich ist. Erst im Dezember wurde Android TV zum Portfolio ergänzt. Die App für Fire TV gibt es im Fire TV App-Store. Die Android Auto-Unterstützung kommt mit der aktuellen Android-App.

TIDAL Launches Amazon Fire TV App and Announces Compatibility with Android Auto

Subscribers Can Enjoy TIDAL's Elevated Music & Entertainment Experience Across Devices

March 22, 2018 (NEW YORK) – Today, global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL announced the launch of the TIDAL app for Android Auto as well as Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. TIDAL members can enjoy a custom Fire TV interface that emphasizes TIDAL's visual ecosystem and is designed to provide the best experience for large screen devices. Additionally, those with Android Auto compatible vehicles can now access TIDAL, simplifying the use of apps on the go.

On the "Home" screen of Fire TV, users will have access to the newest TIDAL content, expertly curated video playlists and content such as concerts, livestreams, music videos, albums, podcasts and more. The "My Collection" screen allows users to personalize with their favorite content. Through an optimized search function, users will be able to tap into TIDAL's extensive catalogue of over 50 million tracks as well as watch their favorite TIDAL original content, concerts (live and on demand), music videos and more in HD quality through Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Users will be able to download the TIDAL app via the Fire TV "Apps" section or the search tool.

Available now with over 400 car models, Android Auto users with an Android 5.0 and higher can access TIDAL while sitting behind the wheel of their car through USB cable. The integration allows TIDAL members to play their favorite music and podcasts directly from their car dashboard. Users can easily access their "My Collection" section that features downloaded content, favorited playlists, albums, tracks, artists and more. When using Android Auto, users can use the "Explore" section that offers a selection of new and top albums, tracks, podcasts as well as specially curated genre playlists.

These new launches add to the platform's growing list of integrations illustrating TIDAL's value of providing seamless listening experiences for its members. TIDAL is currently compatible with Apple TV/Android TV, Apple CarPlay, direct control with Sonos and many more.

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