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March 7th 2010 11:21 pm

Easy way to make lighter and increase battery life

Instead of the Energizer alkaline AA batteries that came with the Magic Mouse, I put two Energizer Lithium Ultimate AA batteries in. They last longer and are noticeably lighter. Makes tracking around seem more fluid to me at least.

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Lightness and longevity aside, we all should be using rechargeable batteries with the mouse. Batteries are not recyclable and end up in landfills where they leach toxins into the environment. I keep couple of AA batteries charged up and within easy reach; takes but a few seconds to pop new batteries in. I haven't timed the longevity but the rechargeables seem to last couple of months.
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Yeah, I've been using a lot more batteries myself lately thanks to this mouse, my keyboard, and even wireless headphones. I'm actually purchasing a set of rechargeables this week.

(Fortunately for the Bay Area, there are a lot of places that will accept old / used batteries for drop off and proper disposal: Walgreens, any hardware store, etc)
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