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April 8th 2010 11:06 am

I hated the Mighty Mouse and had high hopes for the Magic Mouse.

The touch controls on the top are especially exciting and actually they work very well - being very natural to use in every day operation. However, the Magic Mouse still suffers from the same right-click problems as the Mighty Mouse - ie that you have to lift your left finger up in order for it to register as a right click. In addition it's impossible to click both left and right buttons together - a big problem for certain games.

The shape of the mouse is pretty horrible - it's beautiful to look at but very flat and hard to hold well - it doesn't fit your hand at all. As with many Apple devices this is a triumph of form over function and as with other Apple mice especially it's over engineered. There are lots of great mice out there that CAN click both buttons together and that work with Bluetooth. In trying to make a better mouse Apple constantly introduces limitations that are annoying and unnecessary.

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The Mighty Mouse was quite terrible, but I really like my Magic Mouse. The right click issue is awkward at first, but I quickly got used to it with the Mighty Mouse, so for me the habit of lifting my left finger just carried over instinctively to the Magic Mouse.

Agreed that the shape isn't particularly ergonomic, I'm worried it will encourage RSI.
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