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March 8th 2013 10:25 am

I JUST bought the Roku 2 XS the day this came out!

After reading the gdgt reviews i bought the XS on 1saleaday sale for $65 shipped, is it worth returning and paying a little more for the new Roku 3 - is it that much better?
Also, i wish gdgt would give a heads up for upcoming products!

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I would return it and buy the 3 if it were me. That feature of using the remote as a wireless headphones connection alone is worth the full $99. I was waiting for the Archos TV Connect, but the wireless headphone feature has made me consider this instead.
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I got to test the wireless headphone feature at the gdgt meetup Saturday night and it is pretty sweet. I have just about talked myself into getting one.
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At $65 you can't really beat it, but when a company says that their new device is much much faster than the previous gen you have to think about that.

I bought an Roku 2 XS over a year ago and currently have it on sale for about $80. If I get my money I will pay the extra $20 to upgrade to the newest Roku. Otherwise, I'll be just fine with my current set up. I would recommend these cost comparisons by listing products you own on amazon.com at prices(taking into account shipping and commission fees) that you would be satisfied and able to buy newer gadgets with the extra cash.

For example. I sold my PSP-3000 for about $160 in order to buy a PS Vita in early 2012.
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