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January 15th 2013 4:44 pm

Jambox reliability/support is questionable

Here is the "generous" offer I got back in response to my non-functional 15 month old Jambox.

"We appreciate your interest in Jawbone products and we want you to enjoy the best Bluetooth speaker out on the market, that’s why for one time only, we’re offering you a 30 day special offer to purchase a new Icon, Era, Icon HD or Jambox (Jambox Remix, limited editions/colors, Nerd and Big Jambox excluded) at a 25% discount from our web store at Jawbone.com, in exchange for your non-working Jambox.

All you have to do is reply to this email expressing your interest in the offer. With that information, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) will be submitted. Soon after, you will receive an email with your RMA number and instructions on how to send us your non-working Jawbone."

Can't imagine buying anything else from Jawbone.

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Perhaps you got a dud :(

Unfortunately they only have a one year warranty which I guess was 3 months too little in your case. At least they are trying to offer you something, where they have no obligation to. But yeah once I have sour grapes with a company I am very unlikely to go back.
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I offered them the opportunity to try again and make me happy. They have now come back and said they will fix the unit. Fingers crossed.
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I received my Jambox in the mail yesterday. Everything seems to be good.
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