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November 28th 2013 2:32 am

Moto X or Nexus 5

So I can't decide between these two great phones. I currently have an iPhone and I'm making the switch to android. I like specs but I also want great features. On one hand I like the Nexus 5 because its pure android and its guaranteed to get the latest version of android whenever its avialable. But on the other the Moto X caught my attention with Active display and voiceless controls.

Can you guys give me your opinion on which one I should consider?

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If you're on Verizon then the Moto X because the Nexus 5 isn't compatible.

If you have a contract on AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint then the Nexus 5 via Google; you can't beat a flagship device for $350 (16GB) or $400 (32GB).

The Sprint version of the Nexus 5 is $150 if you have a contract or $450 off contract, though their site doesn't specify what storage capacity you're getting.

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Very tough choice. If I lived in the US and the HTC One didn't exist, I'd have a very tough time deciding between these 2 devices.

I think I'd end up choosing the Moto X for the voiceless controls, Moto Maker, and for the bold advertising they did with that phone. :D
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Yeah, same here. The HTC One is a great phone, but I prefer pure android (or at least close to it). Also, the Moto X is a significantly smaller phone with the same size display:)
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Significantly smaller? N5 = 5.43 x 2.72 x 0.34 in and a 4.95" Screen vs the moto X = 5.09 x 2.57 x 0.41 in and a 4.7" screen
Where is this significantly smaller size you are talking about and the same size screen?
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There is one area where there is a significant difference between the phones. The Moto-X is a very durable, motorola-made phone. DO NOT take that assertion in vain !!! I once worked for Motorola and it was said that to test their phones, Motorola used to put one into a dryer for an hour and then count the pieces (more than 10x pieces = fail).

There are already hundreds of broken LG Nexus Phones, you can read about all the unhappy owners on the google forums for Nexus. The Nexus 5 is a very delicate phone that virtually REQUIRES a large hybrid case for peace-of-mind for the owner.

I know, I own *THREE* Nexus-5 phones.

Therefore, the Moto-X is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller because it does not require a case nearly as much as the Nexus-5, and the Nexus-5 requires a larger and complex hybrid case. I have friends who have already broken Nexus 5 phones ensconced in quality TPU cases. The large size and light weight equates to low density, which means the phone probably flexes more than most smart phones, which makes it far easier to crack the glass. And the glass is bonded to the LCD, making this a very, very expensive ($200) repair ...
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Pointless! I own a variety of smartphones and never did i feel lg did bad job with quality. I only find htc and lg best for quality. Motorola always used a delicate plastic just like samsung.
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I think you need an education about this particular phone model and its fragility. Here's one place you can start :

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I own this phone dude. :D i know how it is.
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That a tough choice. I agree that the Nexus 5 is a great phone but as Joel pointed out it may not be an option for you depending on your carrier.

something else to consider if you are looking to buy the phone and sign a contract the Moto X goes on sale on Monday and brings it down to the Nexus 5 prices.


Both phones are great devices and have similar pros and cons but i would choose the Moto X. I like the extra features they have added to the phone that you don't get on the Nexus 5.

Don't forget the Moto X also comes with the 50GB of Drive storage for 2 years.
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Go with the moto x! It's a solid phone with advanced computing power due to the different types of CPU it uses! Battery life is also much better. The voiceless control is pretty cool too! Also keep in mind, with Motorola being owned by Google, and helping moto to produce near stock android, you will get the updates in a timely manner
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If you do the math, the CPU Mhz/pixel is identical on both phones. If you calculate battery mAh/sq-inch-of-screen/Mhz, the Moto-X should last 10% longer. I own a Nexus-5 and love it, but it's a fragile phone that gets gigantic after you buy a sufficiently durable case.

Frankly, most websites are not set up to leverage a phone with a 1080p screen, so some of that goodness is wasted - you have to continually click on "go to full website" to take best advantage of the Nexus-5. Next time I might instead get a Moto-X, but don't worry - both would make you happy.
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I think the notifications on the Moto X are really cool. Also, if I had the ability* to use moto maker I would seriously consider one with the wood backing. mmmm

But as Joel pointed out, network frequency may come into play and make your decision for you ;)

*(Motorola doesn't actually care about my country, as seen in the Lack of Moto Maker, the lack of any MAXX phone, and other previous omissions)
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I'd say if you're okay with the larger screen size, go with the Nexus 5. However, in my opinion the Nexus 5 pushes the limits of one handed use. I went with the Moto X because it's the right size for me, and nearly stock android. I've had it for a few months, and I'd make the same choice now.

Also, you wouldn't believe how convenient Active Display is:)
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I use a Nexus 5 and love it.

A good friend of mine has the Moto X and loves the battery life. He started off really liking the always-listen feature but it turns out he doesn't use it often.

Pull up full comparisons and decide which suits you best. Opinions are great and all but everyone has a different one.

Good luck!
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Obviously nexus 5.
It has got the latest and the best processor in it.
ALSO ITS FOR 350$ FOR 16GB AND that too without contract
So no issues whether you have verizon., at&t etc etc.

And for moto x hmmm those active display and voiceless controls
Hmm i dont think they will change the way you use your phone.
But yea as far as price is concerned -
MOTO X is much cheaper than NEXUS 5

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Consider a nexus 5 for a future proof solution. Moto X will show it's crispness only only for a while. Although, i appreciate the notification feature and touchless control in the moto. If you are a moderate user, and not into gaming - take moto x , u can customize. If you are a geek and power hungry, pick up a Nexus 5. Note that the camera quality in both the handsets is not appreciable.
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Here is a side-by-side comparison:


Hopefully this will help you decide.
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Definitely the Nexus 5 unless on Verizon
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