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August 1st 2014 2:57 pm

Nokia Lumia 635 - Best phone yet

I recently purchased my first windows phone, the Lumia 635 by Nokia out of frustration with my iPhone 5s and bad experiences with a few Android devices in the past. Often we write letters to companies for bad services or bad products and rarely do we give recognition or acknowledgment for the good. As consumers we are believed to buy a product or service and expect for it to be flawless, and when our expectations are not met we tend to complain and bash a company’s brand. This letter is to give recognition to the best, near perfect mobile device I have ever used. Recently I began searching for employment opportunities outside of my current company, and instantly I became frustrated with my iPhone because of its limitations. As a business professional I am always on the road and I rely on my mobile “smart” phone for many things I wished it could assist me with. I was a long time iPhone user because the IOS, it is a good stable OS and I don’t recall it ever crashing, but the phone’s features and capabilities are terrible. The iPhone lacks many business functions for users like me and Apple’s arrogance to add some of those basic features is shamefully absurd. On the other hand, Android devices does have those features but Google’s confidence to think that it will dominate and control our population one device and one service at a time is too fantastic for me, and releasing of a new Android OS every six months with a different OS version and different names, making my previous Android device inferior to the new and most times a user is denied the privilege of get the latest Android software update unless one purchases the new device. That is also unjust and unbearable. Not to mention these Android devices are manufactured by different companies who also add their own “twist” into the OS and are shipped packed with useless advertising applications and snippets of trial software solicitations. About my Lumia 635 with Windows 8.1, after a week of using my new phone, I must say, this device is THE ONE I was waiting for and also that prevented me from going to a flip phone style device. The main thing I was looking for was to be able to respond to email messages from a hiring manager or recruiter, to be able to reply with my résumé attached in that same email. Did you know that the iPhone does not allow you to reply to any e-mail messages and to be able to attach any document or a PDF? You can create a new message with a file attachment by using a cloud storage service (i.e., Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive) but you cannot reply to be able to attach such files except a photo or video. I have asked over a dozen of my friends who are iPhone users and none of them were aware of that lack of feature. I was also blown away by the Windows phone Wi-Fi Calling feature that automatically detects your provider’s weak cellular indicator and uses your Wi-Fi signal to allow you to get the best call quality. For years I have struggled at my home to get descent phone reception, I use to have to walk outside of my home to have a long-lasting phone conversation with someone. With my new Windows phone that is no longer an issue, thanks to the amazing Wi-Fi Calling feature that comes pre-packed with my Lumia 635. Another astonishing feature I discovered is the Cortana personal assistant that comes pre-loaded with the Windows phone. I use my Bluetooth audio while driving, with my iPhone and past Android devices it always worked for voice dialing and communication. With my Bluetooth on and while driving, a text message came on my phone and to my surprise Cortana alerted me of the new text message and began to ask me what I wanted to do with the message as she read my options. Cortana is truly a personal assistant unlike other under achieving personal assistance IOS and Android devices offer, Cortana not only allow me to make and receive calls but also read and allow me to send text messages verbally while I am driving. This is truly an amazing safety feature. Three more amazing features I will mention briefly are the battery that lasts for an extremely longtime and no longer find myself plugging my phone at home, in my car, in the office and back in the car again – all in one day. For all iPhone and Android devices I have owned in the past I was constantly charging my phone at home, in my vehicle and also at work. The internet sharing that also comes with the Windows phone makes easy and convenient to share my 4G and LTE service as a hotspot with the convenient of just turning on the service in my settings menu. Lastly, I also enjoy the desktop application to sync media from my computer. I have been a longtime iTunes user, not because I love it but because it is the only software you can use to sync music and other media files from your computer if you own an iPhone, iTunes lack many useful utilities and a creative user interface but it is where I have built my 80GB of music with playlists for 10 plus years. I truly thank you for allowing users as myself the ability to easily sync my iTunes music and playlists from the Windows Phone Desktop application. I hate to sound like I am raving about this new remarkable Windows 8.1 phone but these features are indeed incredible and breathtaking. My new windows phone works all day on one full charge, and I am constantly on it as I now have true features and capabilities in a definitely true smartphone, finally. Thank you for delivering a true mobile phone that business professionals as myself can use, appreciate and enjoy.
Joseph C.

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Great review, you've convinced me... now if I can just find it unlocked at a reasonable price.... I think 179 USD at MS is too high for the specs. Any ideas?
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