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December 23rd 2013 8:02 pm

Scarcity of UHD 4K video content

UHD broadcast will need time to get up to speed. Little UHD content is yet available, but for Sony's UHD player loaded for its UHD TVs.
However, ApplePro machines now offer UHD, and downloading UHD files from vimeo.com is a way to find free UHD sample clips, some very artistic and decorative. It looks better than upscaling standard HD signals.

It's a bit daunting to find the choicest fre downloadable UHD video clips on vimeo. You get lost searching just for "4K", thousands of files. Instead search "3840x2160". One of the superb free UHD downloadable clips if from a German fellow, I've never met, ( this is not a paid advertisement) offers an absolutely stunning full UHD video clip of Rome, a night scene. Qualified, he's consumer electroniscs director for the "audiovision" Home theatre magazine, and technical director for a photography and videography magazine. He does a public service, along with others, helping bridge the gap as everyone waits for UHD to get more traction, for UHD broadcast to become routine.

Only some of the 70 video file pages on vimeo.com, searched with the term "3840x2160", authorize download of UHD files at full quality. Some two-minute clips are 180 MB. One file is 3 GB. Knowing about this helps UHD '
TV owners demonstrate UHD full quality more easily for the time being.

UHD, so immersive, is great.

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Utra High Definition: WHICH UHD VIDEO SIGNAL SOURCE LOOKS BETTER ON SCREEN, Vimeo DOWNLOADS or YouTube STREAMING? Compare IDENTICAL UHD clips: https:­/­/vimeo.com­/54317453 to www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=9nGtULxXDvk
Download vs Stream? Is UHD display quality lost? More comparisons available. You'll be surprised!
You may also download the UHD files at 2K or HD resolution.

Here are two more parallel UHD video files, downloadable at HD/2K/UHD versions to desktop to play (in a few weeks new Apple MacPro will have the power to drive 4 simultaneous UHD movies).

You can find these same files files on YouTube, searching Visual Ambrosia UHD content, as on vimeo.com­/visualambrosia .


This is a video demonstrating the appearance of these UHD videos used in large scale creative ways:


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