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October 31st 2013 1:12 pm

Some thoughts on viewing 3D content at home.

I know I know, 3D is all but dead and has been out for three or four years now but I recently upgraded my living room TV and it happened to be 3D capable. Since the set came with two pairs of glasses I figured, why not see what viewing 3D content is like at home.

I watched The Art of Flight (movies.netflix.com­/WiMovie­/Art­_of­_Flight­/70256641) on Netflix since it was part of their streaming and with it being one of the first 3D movies on Netflix I figured it was a good choice. Before watching settling in I made sure to enter this with as clear a mind as possible. Since I never got the 3D hype I wanted to be open to the possibility of it being good.

Sadly, the experience was what I expected. Almost immediately I was experiencing eye-strain from my eyes adjusting to viewing the movie in 3D. It eventually settled in but it was pretty easy to have it come back due to shifting focus too much. Unfortunately this was not the biggest issue with watching 3D movies.

The biggest problem I had was the proper feel of immersion into the film. What makes viewing 3D content in a big theater enjoyable is the screens are so big it's harder for you eyes to lose focus. When viewing 3D content at home, this feeling is completely lost due to panel sizes. The feeling is even worse when viewing content during the day time since it's near impossible to fully blackout the room to hide the panel. I plan to try again when it's dark out and I can really black out the room to help hide the small windowed feel.

Now I will admit that at times there is a good creation of depth of field. It just always gets lost by the inability to be fully immersed in the moment. I may try and view Avatar since Cameron's whole vision with the movie was to present it from the vantage point of looking through a window.

If you have a 3D TV at home, what has been your experience with it and do you think it was just a passing fad?

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Earlier this year I purchased a LG 3DTV 55 inch smart tv. I love the 3D when I use it, which is rare, but its good to have it. I have a background in video production so the living room is a medium small, but when I watch 3D, i usually do it and evening time with the lights off and also with no kids around. If I'm sitting in the living room like I am now and on my computer I won't watch 3D, I keep 3D reserved for when I'm giving it my entire focus. I hate 3D for the sake of 3D, but Pacific Rim on it looks amazing. I also won't watch anything that isn't a 3D source. WIth LG the 3D is pasive which means no active 3D shutter, I've noticed the 3D shutter glasses does cause alot of discomfort. But with passive, it's just like the cinema and is a heck of a lot easier on the eyes.
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Yeah I really want to try watching something in the dark to see if it's better.
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I enjoy watching the 3D movies with my family. My daughter doesn't want to watch 2D again. I tried different 3D TV before I made the purchase. I found myself got motion sick with active shutter TVs, so I ended up with a passive 3D set (LG 60LM7200). The only complain would be the compromised resolution, but totally fine from 5 feet away (it's a 60" TV).
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I have both but prefer active to passive - however - you must watch active in the evening or in the dark as it flickers in daylight, thus giving the motion sickness.
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I have a samsung active 3D tv. It's absolutely fantastic but like surround sound, I don't use it for soaps, news etc but it is brilliant for blockbuster movies. It probably will be considered by by broadcasters as a passed pad but this is due to the broadcasters lack of content. The BBC half heartedly produced un interesting 3D programming with little take up, but also failed to advertise the broadcast times. I avidly listened to everything about 3D and missed all but the Olympics and a lame drama. Nothing there to get me to fire up the 3d! Having said that, Dr Who is being transmitted in 3D in November and I. Would be surprised I'd it wasn't a runaway success for 3D thus proving that content is King and people won't just tune in for any old dross. The people in charge of the BBC 3D programming should be admonished for their dereliction of duty in this.
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