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May 26th 2013 2:25 am

Time to create a smartwatch category?

I know it's a very new technology with very few existing products, but they're rolling in and will probably be a big mainstream thing with the next year or 2 considering the rumors of all the giants working on their own.

Would be nice to browse the available options from now in a single category. There's already the Pebble and now a big booming new project on KickStarter, AGENT ( www.kickstarter.com­/projects­/secretlabs­/agent­-the­-... ). I'm sure there are others, as I've seen them mentioned before, but I can't remember them. That's part of why it would be nice to see them pitted against each other here on gdgt for us gadget lovers to compare!

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I would vote to keep it just a little broader and make the category for wearable devices because I think watches are just the tip of the iceberg. Glasses are about to multiply and who knows what other crazy form factors are about to start rolling out.
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That's a good idea too.
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yeah ... Time to create that category will come very soon ... I mean look at Pebble, Sony, Apple, Samsung, Google and other companies that are making smart watches
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