These discounted mics are great for WFH and audio production

These mics from Ergopixel are the perfect tool to add to your work-from-home setup.

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June 13th, 2021
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The shift to working from home turned certain pieces of equipment into a necessity. If your webcam isn't up to snuff or if your lighting isn't on point, how can you hold a successful Zoom meeting? And yet, one WFH essential that we tend to overlook is the microphone.

Nearly every laptop has a mic, but they aren’t reliable, especially for extended daily use. External mics offer more consistent, clear sound, which is crucial if you spend hours at a time in virtual meetings. Below are three deals on microphones from Ergopixel that will make working from home easier for you and your colleagues.

Ergopixel Condenser Microphone with Tripod

Ergopixel Condenser Microphone with Tripod

This condenser microphone comes with its own small tripod, which is ideal for working at a desk, a dining table or even a kitchen countertop. It's designed with noise cancelation in mind, so you don’t have to worry about ambient noises in your work environment. With a sound sensitivity of -47dB, your voice will come through clearly without muffling or fuzz to distract your coworkers. Finally, the kit comes with nearly one and a half meters of cable, which will let you move around and find the best position to set up the mic.

Get the Ergopixel Condenser Microphone with Tripod for $50 (normally $59), a savings of 16 percent.

Ergopixel Uni-Directional Stream Microphone

Ergopixel Uni-Directional Stream Microphone

This next microphone is great for both recording and live communication. With an 85dB signal-to-noise ratio and a unidirectional polar pattern, this model lets you record clear audio with 360 degrees of coverage, which is handy when you’re working and need to talk without having a mic in the way. The USB interface also keeps the sound quality and virtues of an XLR setup without the trouble of finding a port or converter.

Get the Ergopixel Uni-Directional Stream Microphone for $130 (normally $149), a savings of 13 percent.

Ergopixel Studio Microphone with Tripod

Ergopixel Studio Microphone with Tripod

If you expect to use your mic for more than just Zoom meetings, you should consider one with great sound quality and an omnidirectional mode. This Ergopixel Studio Microphone offers all of that plus -38dB of sound sensitivity. This makes it ideal for videos and conferences that have more than one participant or sound source sharing one microphone.

This compact microphone looks professional and offers high-grade sound quality that will keep your voice clear on calls and produces clean audio files during recordings. The eight-foot cable enables you to place the built-in tripod wherever is most comfortable to you, whether that’s out of frame of your camera or in view for a professional aesthetic.

Get the Ergopixel Studio Microphone with Tripod for $60 (normally $69), a savings of 14 percent.

Prices subject to change.

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