Repair your own PC with the FixMeStick for just $30

Instead of investing in a new device, spend $30 on FixMeStick and enjoy a cleaned-up computer (and stay safe from cyber threats, too).

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July 25, 2021 10:55 AM
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Press image of the FixMeStick.

Having issues with your laptop? Repair companies and even device manufacturers will take you for a ride, leaving you computer-less for days while your RMA undergoes an unknown diagnosis. Even with a warranty, your repair can end up being pricier than you’d expected, especially when you find out there’s a simple solution to any virus-related complications.

Check out the FixMeStick, which is currently available for just $30. This clever gadget can save your computer from cyber threats and clean it up for a better user experience. FixMeStick is trusted worldwide by over 1.3 million users, and it's used by leading organizations including FedEx, Fermilab and CUNY.

Whether your Windows computer is riddled with viruses or just starting to slow down, the FixMeStick has you covered, promising to remove malware and viruses that even leading AV programs can’t detect. That's because these tools only function while your system is running, whereas FixMeStick reboots your machine entirely using the system on the stick itself. Using the FixMeStick just once a month will keep your data and files safe.

Amazon customers rave about the ease of use, with reviewers boasting that they simply leave FixMeStick and their computer to do their thing and come back to a smoother user experience.

Of the many innovations changing our lives today, this is a major money saver. Rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars to replace your computer, you can just spend $30 on FixMeStick and enjoy a clean computer that's safer from cyberthreats. Get the FixMeStick and one year of coverage for 3 PCs for $30, or 50 percent off.

Prices subject to change.

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